St George's Church, Esher
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The Friends of St George’s Church, Esher

In 1963 a group of untiring and enthusiastic parishioners raised private funds and covenants for the restoration of the unused parish church.  In 1986 when the building was vested in the Redundant Churches Fund (now the Friends of St George’s was set up as a charity.
Its aims, with the support of The Churches Conservation Trust, include the preservation of the building and the historical and architectural heritage that exists in it.
Today, the Friends main activities are raising funds to heat the building and investing in furnishing and appointing the interior as an arts venue for the community.  They also volunteer as church guides.  With such an important royal residence as Claremont nearby the building has a fascinating history.
The Friends are dependent upon the continuing support from local people and others who are sensitive to the vulnerability of our ancient buildings and the need to revitalize them if they are to survive.
If you would like to make a donation or join the Friends please:-
Click here for a Membership Application and Gift Aid form - pdf format
Print out and complete the form and then send it to
The Membership Secretary, address as on the form
Click here for a Standing Order Mandate form - pdf format
Print out and complete the form and then send it to your Bank or Building Society